Engineering Supervision of Works

Our construction supervision services represent an important part of our full package of services for project planning and development.

GI is supervising construction, installation and commissioning for a variety of challenging and demanding projects in Croatia, from the construction of bridges and roads to waste recycling projects and complex buildings. GI”s approach is to combine the very best of the local market expertise with the specialist know how of our network of international partners.

We investigate and advise on technical problems that arise during manufacture, construction, commissioning and in service.

Our supervision services include:

  • Ensuring conformity with the permits, plans, laws and regulations
  • Quality assurance
  • Inspecting the construction works, reporting on any deficiencies or irregularities and proposing measures to be taken
  • Quality control and testing of all the construction materials used
  • Monitoring the time schedules
  • Preparation of the final report for the technical inspection