Reconstruction of bridges

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Reconstruction of bridges

German Government donated funds for the rehabilitation of the two destroyed bridges over Neretva river in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were destroyed in war.

In order to put in in working order the railway line Ploče – Sarajevo and again establish communication with , i.e. BiH with Croatian port Ploče, German Government donated funds for the removal of the destroyed bridge steel structures from the river bed and for complete reconstruction of the Neretva bridges.

Bridges Neretva I, span 2x66m, and Neretva II, span (42+54+42)m, were constructed in 14 months using the original projects with the new finish. The reconstruction of bridges was done under very complicated conditions. During the execution of works two times several grenades were fired onto the site, but fortunately neither employees were hurt nor large damages made. Investinženjering rendered the complete service of expert and financial supervision and quality control of steel structure of newly constructed railway bridges Neretva I and Neretva II over the Neretva river.


Reconstruction of two Neretva bridges

  • SERVICES RENDERED Engineering Supervision
  • PROJECT SIZE Brigdesspan: (66+66)m, (42+54+42)m
  • PROJECT VALUE 3,3m €
  • PROJECT PERIOD 1994 – 1996
  • INVESTOR German Agency for Technical Assistance (GTZ)


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