Reconstruction of Road Bridge

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Reconstruction of Road Bridge

Engineering Supervision of Works on reconstruction of the bridge over river Glina in the town of Glina on the State road D6.

Structure of the ‘Glina’ bridge is a braced structure consisting of steel bearing elements and reinforced concrete slab. Main bearing elements are placed in line, vertical curve is obtained by changing heights of transversal supports. Bridge span is 42 m. Cross section of the main bearing element consists of two welded steel ‘I’ profiles, height is variable, axis span is 8.60 m. On both outer sides of main bearing elements there are lower consoles 1.9 m wide for pedestrian walks. Transversal supports are at the same time supports of reinforced concrete driveway slab with steel brace connections.


Reconstruction of Road Bridge over the River Glina in Glina

  • SERVICES RENDERED Engineering Supervision of Works
  • PROJECT SIZE 42m bridge span
  • PROJECT VALUE 653.000 €
  • PROJECT PERIOD 2002 – 2003
  • INVESTOR Croatian Roads


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