Engineering and financial supervision of highway

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Engineering and financial supervision of highway

Construction of Zagreb – Split Highway section from Jezerane to Ličko Lešće with all supporting facilities. On the route there are two tunnels (Plasina and Brinje) that are named thesafest European tunnels by EuroTAP. GI provided engineering and financial supervision services.

Highway Zagreb – Split is 387,34 km long and it is the integral part of the international highway Passau (D) – Wels (A) – Graz (A) – Maribor (SLO) – Zagreb (CRO) – Split (CRO) which is a part of the European road network (E 59 Pyhrn way), connecting Central Europe with South-east Europe and Mediterranean. The highway section from Zagreb to Bosiljevo 2 junction the highway is a part of European corridor 5B (Budimpešta – Zagreb – Rijeka).

Section 3C is the sub-section of Zagreb – Split highway, starting from Jezerane (south entrance to  Mala Kapela tunnel) it passes interregional road junction Žuta Lokva, and by Otočac leads to Ličko Lešće. Total section length is 49,7 km.

In the scope of section there are three tunnels (Brinje, Brezik and Plasina) of app. 4,400 m total length, eight viaducts (Mokro Polje, Jezerane, Zeleni most, Borići, Grubori, Oreškovići, Obilje and Vršci) of 3,821 m total length, two bridges (Gacka and Babića most) of 608 m total length, and ten underpasses and overpasses of the alignment. All facilities and tunnels on the alignment are of the complete highway width. Two service facilities (PUO Brinje and PUO Brloška Dubrava), three road maintenance passages (CP Brinje, Žuta Lokva i Otočac) and one maintenance and traffic control center (COKP Brinje) shall be built.

The excavations on the section amount to about 8500000 m³, about 7200000 m³ of material was built into the embankments. Average daily performances were 7000 m3 of excavation, 5000 m³ of filling, though in some days they were even three and even four times higher.

The section construction commenced in July 2002 and it was completed and opened for at the end of July 2004. Total value of works executed is about USD 380 million.


Zagreb – Split Highway (Jezerane – Ličko Lešće Section)

  • SERVICES RENDEREDEngineering and Financial Supervision
  • PROJECT SIZE48,91km / 148.250m2 of structures (bridges, overpasses and underpasses)
  • PROJECT VALUE342,7mil.€
  • PROJECT PERIOD2002 – 2006
  • INVESTORCroatian Highways Authority


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