Supervision service for the construction of the American International School in Zagreb

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Investinženjering d.o.o. has successfully conducted a complete service of professional supervision of the construction of the American International School in Zagreb (AISZ) with the GI team: Chief Supervising Engineer, Supervising Engineer for Construction, Mechanical and Electrical Works and Supervising Engineer for Geodetic Works. The construction of the school was carried out within 13 months, and it was put into operation on October 14, 2018. years. Safety and security at work was led by a member of the GI team – coordinator of safety at work in the execution phase.

The architectural solution of the school is given with four spatial units with a capacity for 480 students and is designed on a total gross area of ​​8,700 m2. The school is located in Središće, Zagreb. The school consists of three related educational units, kindergarten, primary and secondary school. The school also has a sports hall, theater / cinema hall, gym, dance studio and library. The building has a green roof with solar panels making it energy class A +. The outdoor area consists of a football and handball court, 4 multi-purpose playgrounds (basketball / tennis), a running track, a children’s playground and a picnic area. The urban solution fit into the existing condition of that part of the city.


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