Construction of border crossing

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Construction of border crossing

Construction of border crossing Metković is a part of Croatian preparation for joining the Schengen area. Investinženjering d.o.o. provided construction supervision, FIDIC engineer consulting services and supervision of implementation of Environmental and Social Action Plan and consulting services on construction of border crossing Metković.
Construction of border crossing was financed by European Investment Bank – EIB and European Bank for Reconstruction Development – EBRD. EBRD and EIB requested compliance and implementation of environmental protection regulations and protection of society influenced during the construction.
Border crossing Metković is one of the so called BIP crossings (BIP stands for border inspection posts) and it is one of four such land border crossings. Besides Metković, others are Karasovići, Nova Gradiška and Bajakovo.
Metković border crossing is also part of future Pan-European corridor 5c. It is situated on the border between Republic of Croatia and Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Croatian A10 motorway. When fully completed that section will be the shortest section of Croatian motorway.
Border crossing was opened on July 1 2013, under its new name – border crossing Nova Sela.


Construction of border crossing Metković

  • SERVICES RENDERED Supervision of the construction works, providing of consulting services and supervision on implementationof Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP)
  • PROJECT SIZE Roads – 1,3 km Water supply – 6,2 km Electrical power supply – 1,0 km
  • PROJECT VALUE 4.5 mil €
  • PROJECT PERIOD 2011 – 2013
  • INVESTOR Croatian Motorways ltd.


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