Technical consulting in sanation of waste landfill

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Professional supervision and technical consulting in sanation of waste landfill Jakuševec is Zagreb’s municipal and other waste landfill and is one of the highest and largest landfills in Europe.

Location of the landfill at a distance of 400 m from nearest settlement houses and about 6 km from the Zagreb city center gives great engineering challenge to diminish its ecological impact. Before rehabilitation, waste was unplanned disposed on area of 80 hectares.

Jakuševec Landfill occupies an area of 54ha. The maximum length of the landfill body is 1.365m and maximum width is 390m. The landfill is designed to reach a final height of approximately 47m above the elevation of the surrounding terrain.

Phase I consisted of preparation of the ground and construction of 5,5, ha watertight bottom liner (cell 1). Existing unplanned disposed waste (approx. 6,85 mil. m3) was in phase II gradually removed to newly constructed watertight bottom liner of cell 1. Bottom liners for cells 2 to 5 have been constructed, and cells 1 to 3 have been covered with geo-synthetic and natural mineral materials. Landfill infrastructure and facilities have been built in phase II. Phase III consisted of acceptance and compaction of newly brought municipal waste. Phase IV consisted of construction of bottom liners for cells 5D and 6 and construction of covering system for cell 4. From phase II onward, municipal waste has been continuously accepted and compacted on prepared cells with rate of 350.000 t per annum.

Accompanying facilities of the landfill are: entrance with measuring scales, gas plant with 2 generators and 2 flares, landfill leachate treatment plant, disposal of metal waste, bio-composting plant and construction waste recycling plant.

The project comprises:

  • Construction of a new base sealing system in phases, including a drainage system pipe evacuation
  • Acceptance and installation of a new municipal waste
  • Construction of new cover sealing system in stages
  • Construction of surface water drainage system, in stages
  • Construction of degassing system, in stages
  • Basic landscape design and managing of the final cover system, in stages
  • Maintenance of existing and newly built infrastructure
  • Management and maintenance for the leachate treatment plant
  • Management and maintenance of gas station and gas extraction system.


Professional supervision and technical consulting in sanation of waste landfill Jakuševec


Engineering Supervision, Technical Advisory


14,62 mil.m3 landfill capacity


Phase I: 14,8 mil.€ / Phase II: 60 mil.€


1995 – 2012


Zagrebački holding – ZGOS


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
    + 385 1 455 11 44
    + 385 1 455 10 12