Engineering supervision on construction of the bridge

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Engineering supervision on construction of the bridge

GI performed engineering supervision of works on construction of the bridge over Gacka river on Zagreb – Split Highway (Žuta Lokva – Otočac Section).

The Gacka bridge consists of two parts: bridge and viaduct, of 452 m total length.

Bridge structure: encased structure over Gacka channel, continuous bearing element over three section span (55 m + 90 m + 55 m), case height from 1.75 m to 3.50 m, Viaduct structure consists of two main bearing elements – part of bridge over Gacka river, continuous bearing element over 6 spans (5×44 m + 32 m), height of a bearing element is 1.75 m. The bridge is founded on piles Ø 150 cm on the top connected by the beam, placed on the neoprene-non-stick bearings. Viaduct consists of 22 longitudinal segments, for its assembled pushing system was used. The bridge consists of 17 longitudinal segments and it was assembled at site.


Gacka Bridge (Zagreb – Split Highway)

  • SERVICES RENDERED Engineering Supervision
  • PROJECT SIZE 452m bridge span
  • PROJECT VALUE 13,6 mil.€
  • PROJECT PERIOD 2003 – 2004
  • INVESTOR Croatian Highway Authority


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  10000 Zagreb
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