Health and safety coordinator

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Health and safety coordinator

GI provided technical supervision services and health and safety coordinator services for rehabilitation works for State Road D20 in lenth of 5,0 km, section Sv. Križ-Prelog.

Section of State Road D20 is in Medjimurje County and is the main connection for towns  Sv.Križ and Prelog. In accordance with the character of the project (rehabilitation) in most parts of the route are foreseen minimal corrections of horizontal and vertical elements in order to achieve adequate technical elements of the route. The rehabilitation of State Road D20, section Sv.Križ-Prelog included replacement of the existing pavement structure, construction of drainage system with gutters, gullies and absorbing well, construction of one pair of bus station and installation of new horizontal and vertical signaling.


Rehabilitation of State Road D20: section Sv.Križ-Prelog

  • SERVICES RENDERED Engineering Supervision, Health & safety coordinator
  • PROJECT SIZE 5,0 km
  • PROJECT VALUE 1,3 million €
  • PROJECT PERIOD 2012 – 2013
  • INVESTOR Croatian Roads Ltd.


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