Waste Management Center Biljane Donje (WMC Biljane Donje) is located north of the city of Zadar, on the 46 ha of terrain. The WMC Biljane Donje will collect waste generated in the areas of Zadar County and part of the Lika-Senj County. It is predicted that the Centre will operate for over 30 years.

Investinženjering d.o.o. provides service of a complete site supervision and a FIDIC Engineer service, according to the FIDIC Yellow Book. The services are being carried out at stages of both design and build phase.

The project of WMC includes the construction of administrative building, access roads, infrastructure and roads within the WMC, open-type recycling yard, construction waste recycling area,  two different waste landfills, transport centre, covered storage areas, area for waste water and landfill gas treatment and mechanical-biological treatment plant (MBT plant).

MBT plant will have the full capacity of approximately 88.000,00 t/year. Some products of mechanical-biological waste treatment will be deposited at landfills after the treatment while others, useful reclaimed materials, will be further distributed.

It is estimated that there will be around 2.100.000 m3 of a non-hazardous waste disposed at the non-hazardous waste landfill at its terminal phase (at the end of the Centre lifespan), while it s estimated that the inert-waste landfill will be filled with around 630.000 m3 of waste at its maximum capacity. After they reach their full capacities, both landfills will be closed and covered with the final cover system which includes landscaping.

The WMC Biljane Donje represents contemporaty and high-quality alternative to existing landfills, especially since the mechanical-biological treatment of mixed communal waste, part of the received amount of non-hazardous waste and part of the bio-waste will be carried out  as well as the treatment of construction waste.

The Employer:  EKO d.o.o.
Period of the project: 2019. – 2022.
The capacity of the Centre: cca 180.000,00 tons of different type of waste per year, on 46 ha of terrain
Project value: 368,5 million kn (VAT not included). The project is co-financed from the European Cohesion Fund (OPCC 2014.-2020.) in total amount of around 70% of the Contract, The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund provides around 20% of eligible costs, while 10% is provided from local sources, who are owners of the EKO d.o.o. company.