Building of Pedestrian Overpass

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Building of Pedestrian Overpass

140,5 m pedestrian overpass construction in order to connect resting places on both sides of the highway.

The project comprises construction of a pedestrian overpass, restructuring of the resting places, building of a new public toilet and adjustment of the existing traffic areas.

Total length of pedestrian overpass is 140,5 m, width 3,2 m and has five columns at the distance of 32 m. Construction of overpass is made from steel and has four segments. Access to the overpass is provided by two staircases equipped with elevators.

The rest of the project (restructuring of resting places, building of new public toilet and adjustment of existing traffic areas) is in function for implementation existing and new solution of resting places.


Building of Pedestrian Overpass on PUO Zir

  • SERVICES RENDERED Engineering Supervision
  • PROJECT SIZE 140,5m overpass
  • PROJECT VALUE 700.000 €
  • INVESTOR Croatian Highways Authority


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
    + 385 1 455 11 44
    + 385 1 455 10 12