Engineering Supervision of Works

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Engineering Supervision of Works

Engineering Supervision of Works on Construction crossing of Slavonska Avenue – Ljudevita Posavskog Street.

Construction of nearby settlement Sopnica – Jelkovec caused additional congestion of an already quite busy intersection. A better regulation and circulation of traffic was achieved with reconstruction of intersection between Slavonska Avenue and Ljudevit Posavski Street. Reconstruction comprised construction of overpass with which Slavonska avenue was lifted above Ljudevit Posavski Street. The overpass is 504 m long, it has 5 spans and it consists of two traffic parts, each with three lanes in each direction with the total width of 11 m. Along both sides of the overpass there is a footpath with the width of 1 m, making the overpass 13,50 m long in total.


Reconstruction of Slavonska – Lj.Posavskog Crossing

  • SERVICES RENDERED Engineering Supervision of Works
  • PROJECT SIZE The overpass is 504 m long
  • PROJECT VALUE 12.800.000 €
  • INVESTOR GRAD ZAGREB (The City of Zagreb)


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
    + 385 1 455 11 44
    + 385 1 455 10 12