Apartment building energy efficiency

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Apartment building energy efficiency

Apartment building in Humboldtova 6-8, Zagreb was provided by the decision of majority of co-owners to start with the energetic renewal of outer shell.

Studio A made a project of energy reconstruction in a cooperation with associates of another company. In the project of apartment building energetic renewal was planned improvement of the energy performance from „E“ to „C“ klass.

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF) gave 40% of financial resources secured for environmental protection and energy efficiency for energetic renewal of building outer shell (which was maximal amount in 2014.).

The building was build in 1958, and it hasn’t been reconstructed since than. Years of seasonal weather changes left aftermath on outer shell of building, and the bitumen waterproofing of flat roof was also destroyed which was not isolated properly to thermal insulation.

Outer shell of building was renovated during 2015. year and Studio A had a professional supervision on construction works.

By winter thermographic camerawork the results of thermal insulation were better then they were predicted by project documentations, and savings of energy are more than 50% according to condition before reconstruciton.


Cooperation on project of energetic renewal and professional supervision on facade renewal of apartment building

  • SERVICES RENDERED Professional supervision on facade renewal of apartment building
  • PROJECT SIZE 3180 m² gross area
  • PROJECT PERIOD 2014 – 2015
  • INVESTOR Co-owners of apartment builting in Humboldtova 6-8, Zagreb


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