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Road bypass installation relocation

GI provided technical supervision services for installation relocation and protection works (water, electricity, TK installations, gas) and road equipment.

Velika Gorica bypass in lengh of 6.5 km was built in two phases. Second phase in length of 5.4 km has five crossroads including the one with the lane for the new airport. The road is designed in a way that one road line can be easily redesigned in future and used for a tram line that would connect town Zagreb with town Velika Gorica.


Velika Gorica Bypass – installation relocation

  • SERVICES RENDEREDEngineering Supervision on construction and electrical works
  • PROJECT SIZE5,4 km
  • PROJECT VALUE2,66 million €
  • PROJECT PERIOD2009 – 2013
  • INVESTORCroatian Roads Ltd.


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