Engineering supervision services

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Engineering supervision services

Rehabilitation of national roads D-6 (Topusko – Glina), D-28 (Bjelovar – Patkovac), D-102 (Njivice – Treskavac).

The activities for rehabilitation of pavements of national roads in the Republic of Croatia include the rehabilitation of the section of the roads D- 6 Section from Topusko to Glina, D-28 section from Bjelovar to Patkovac, D-102 section from Njivice to Treskavac.

One part of the route of the existing road is passing through settlements and includes a large number of connections and intersections. The rehabilitation of the national roads D-6, D-28, D-102 comprises the improvement of the prevailing conditions in the existing road corridor, within the available pavement width. It includes the development of the drainage system with ditches and gutters, repairs of the superstructure on the existing structures, construction of bus stations with platforms, exchange of traffic barriers and kerbs and installation of new horizontal and vertical signaling.


Rehabilitation of National Roads

  • SERVICES RENDERED Engineering Supervision
  • PROJECT SIZE 46,8 km
  • PROJECT VALUE 19,6 milion€
  • PROJECT PERIOD 2008 – 2009
  • INVESTOR Hrvatske Ceste Ltd.


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