Architectural design is one of GI ”s core services. Our architects bring a large breadth of expertise covering every type of building development – from commercial and cultural to retail and residential.

  • Briefing and Concept
    We believe that open communication is key to understanding all stakeholders” objectives and developing the right strategy for the project which will optimise its potential on site. GI architects are experienced in managing complex relationships, bringing together clients, stakeholders and users to define and test design briefs. Strategic option studies, comparisons and visualisations assist us in forming and explaining the design to our clients.
  • Main Design
    We produce main designs for both public and private sector clients with an objective to deliver cost effective and buildable solutions that meet our client”s requirements in terms of quality, cost and programme. We prepare the technical documents (construction drawings and specifications), in compliance with building, seismic, and other relevant regulations, that are filed for obtaining construction permits.
  • Detail Design
    We produce detailed designs for projects with an objective to deliver clear, buildable and detailed solutions that meet our client”s expectations and constrains. As part of our consultancy services, we also carry out design and accessibility audits, and technical reviews.
  • Interior Design
    At GI we work closely with clients, users and M&E engineers to bring together colours, forms, materials and lighting into a solution that will work throughout the whole life of the building. We are designing original, high quality and welcoming public spaces, corporate offices and a full range of residential accommodation, meeting the highest aesthetic and technical standards.
  • Landscape Design
    Landscape architecture represents an integral part of the overall design process, making a positive contribution to our environments. We create modern, accessible and easily maintained landscape designs. Our goal is to provide sustainable water management and drainage solutions, from the feasibility study through to site maintenance.
  • Lead Design
    At GI we are experienced in leading designs with complex organisations, complex procurement routes and complex contracts. As a lead designer we make sure that the client’s objectives and aspirations are reflected in the design. Our role is to develop aesthetic foundations and principles, which will inspire every aspect of the project, as well as set the technical standards to which the design should aspire.

In all aspects of our design development we promote innovation and sustainability. We embrace innovation while keeping a sharp focus on functionality, safety, economy, and buildability. At the same time our approach to building design, wherever possible, aims to reduce environmental impact through using passive design techniques that meet high energy efficiency standards.


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