Homes for the Elderly

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A preliminary development analysis and planning program in the famous town on Maria Bistrica- North East of Zagreb. The location, unique as a destination for pilgrimage , provide a most suitable environment for those in retirement yet is close by to the capital city. The facility of care or assisted living offers services for those wishing to live an individual life with stand-by care.

To date Croatia relies heavily on state-run “homes” for the elderly or Old-people’s Homes which are institutionalized and, in many cases, inadequate for the demand and lack qualities one would expect for such places found in central Europe , UK and USA. Private organisations do exist but are quite small and generally are either Care–at-home services or mini guest houses. All these tend towards Care and Nursing and do not necessarily provide for those who are in retirement, single, or married couple only (i.e. no family) who are looking to find homes either away from the city (many elderly live in central Zagreb) or are from elsewhere wanting a different environment and can afford to move.

These homes, are linked to communal facilities with would provide basic care and maintenance and could have within its own facility more Care and Nursing capacity. Basic Care and Maintenance: 24 hour hot-line for emergency*, laundry, house-hold cleaning, house-hold and garden maintenance. Food services (both read-made meals and grocery–type delivery). Mobility Services: Mini –bus / Car service for transport within the catchment area. *Call-out assistance for minor injuries and waiting care if additional ambulance /medical services required.

If the Communal Facility is to include Medical Facility this would be considered on the level of Day-care Clinic with a Doctor call-out service linked to the local medical services. Typology: Single houses either for one occupier (single or couple) Houses with 2-3 dwelling Units Communal Unit: Common rooms (living /day room type, small cafe-bar, IT room, Nursing centre, Pharmacy and small shop units (max 2). Fitness facility linked to Wellness Centre and swimming Pool. Stay Units: Hotel-style rooms (double room with ensuite bathroom – 4/5 star standard) for permanent and short stay residents.


Marija Bistrica Homes of the Elderly




    27.500 m2






    Marija Bistrica Municipality


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
    + 385 1 455 11 44
    + 385 1 455 10 12