architectural planning

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Architectural planning

Invited by Adidas, together with 25 other Architects, to propose a new global headquarters for the famous sports brand Adidas. This new World of Sport is to be part of a larger urban development and provide a commercial extension to the existing Municipality of Herzogenaurach.

The new global headquarters for this large corporation was designed to integrate with a new urban environment which forms part of the proposal. Located on an old military base outside Nuremberg (Germany) the project provides Adidas with a ”World of Sport” complex to the North of the site which will be served by a new light-rail link and connects with new commercial and residential districts situated on the southern perimeter of the open park-land that centers the whole environment.

The program allows for adidas to construct its first 50,000 m2 in the northern sector and have enough territory to expand its emerging facility ( to the west) with the remaining site be an opportunity for open sale or development options.

The development to the south is intended to offer suitable environment for Herzogenaurauch to expand , to take in new commerce and compliment the overall environment it currently has. The development is focused by ”Point action” a tool of density that encourages minimal footprint under a volume and promotes dynamic structure as a mechanism to sustain development. Together with the principal of value enhancement though infrastructure works and land formation it’s anticipated that such a development might be completed* over a 18 year period.


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