Design for the mixed use complex

Design for the mixed use complex

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The design for the mixed use complex in Siget, Zagreb has been awarded 4th prize in a public competition

The design has been considered in 3 parameters:

Objects and Site: The site is essentially a green-field site with 4 low rise objects to the East (on Froudeova Ulica) which are for scheduled for demolition. The site has three streets as a boundary (North- West and East) with a fourth street planned to the south. The positions of the objects are determined by the investor’s brief which we have kept to a minimum footprint to allow for a larger public space – to the North and between the objects. This brings the project into the existing Urban pattern.

Location: by limiting the footprint of the buildings a public plaza is created to the.

Efficiency of Use: by careful proportioning (of footprint, parking and garage (a large part of the functional area) in the new structures – we free up the area around the buildings.

We approached the design with the above 3 parameters and further on explored these in more detail – as follows:

Novi Zagreb was conceptually very much borne out of Ville Radieuse ( Le Corbusiers’s urban modernity). This mixed use development will contribute to the urban pattern by providing highly functional objects and relevant public spaces.

A Note on Density: We have understood that the brief called for a density which is under that allowed for in GUP.

Public Areas

The whole complex is considered as a positive contribution to the existing Urban landscape. To achieve these 3 issues are present in the project.

Public space on ground floors of all objects (cafes / small shops)

The Plaza: an orthogonal outside space to the north which would be cocerd in a range of hard/soft surfaces (fine gravel, rubber tiring and grasscrete in which a large pond (with fountains) is located and 2 largest planting beds (for all weather planting – bamboos and hard-wearing shrubs).

The water (with fountain) creates natural cooling in the summer and could in the winter be frozen for a small ice-rink.

Between the buildings, following the central path , a north-south route is located which can be partially covered along the small cafes to allow an open area adjacent to each unit. It is envisioned that this will provide a pedestrian path between the Plaza and the new road planned to the south of the site as well as enrich the urban environment.

Efficiency: the layouts as given here are based on our understanding the client’s requirements and combine both cellular and open office type areas. This combination reduces the circulation area for  the regulated access routes (for fire escape and general circulation) while improving flexibility.


Mixed use development Siget






    55.000.000 HRK




    Castrum nekretnine d.o.o.


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