Architectural planning of an elementary school

Architectural planning of an elementary school

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In the anarchy of semi urban suburbs, the school was picked to pose as a device to transform (derive) “pavilion” division of plough land into a space fact of a pavilion like school.

Stupnik elementary school parcel is located in Gornji Stupnik next to the traffic St. Benedict’s street overlooking the southwest parcel of the school. School is located in rural surroundings within a wider semi-industrial working suburb of Zagreb, and is the only social benchmark of its surroundings.
– The only “structure” are the existing trees and a cadaster layout /sketch of a plough land/. They are strongly present on the ground through different treatment of certain parcels.
– Protection of the school complex from the external influence (St. Benedict’s road on the southwest side) has been resolved with a non educational constitution school concept and a gym overlooking the road.
– Educational school concept is oriented towards the landscape inside the derived “pavilion” division of plough land.
– School’s central space (SCS) is designed with a roof folding. As such, it accents the social meaning.
– SCS is designed as a shape between the “street” and “square” with a number of smaller parts that attach to the basic body (dining room, homerooms, library, gym, hallways).
– Construction of school pavilion tracts is designed in a system of horizontal and vertical barring walls and ceiling panels made of ferro concrete in visible wooden shell or as a system of industrial full nail wooden walls and ceiling panels.
– Outside walls of all classrooms that overlook east-southeast side are completely dressed in glass with wooden frames with a partial design in profilit glass with horizontal walls.
– All the good greens have been kept.
– Outside spaces are resolved as a logical extension of SCS with an amphitheatric part and a pocket for homeroom classes. There is a circular fence around the existing telephone central office. It is made of a wire profilit glass.


Elementary School in Stupnik




    3.800 m2






    Municipality of Gornji Stupnik


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
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