Interior design of the store concept Q Shoes in Ilica street

The investor has chosen a location on Ilica street that is not in the immediate vicinity of Ban Jelačić Square, but provides comfort and accessibility for customers who do not live in the center, so the proximity of parking in Ilica 45 and the tram station next to the store is very important.

The original space is functionally subdivided so that a larger storage space is formed, spatially connected to the auxiliary and working part at the rear, and the street-facing retail space is connected in fluid and circular unobstructed movement along illuminated cabinets with exhibits.

The furniture is completely designed in the architectural office, cabinets and shelves, display stands, stools and carpets are designed just for this space, but on the principle of modular design that can be subtracted and added, moved as needed to accommodate seasonal changes, assortments and brands. The color and texture of the interior and equipment of the space, its visual and tactile characteristics, came from thinking about the lifestyle the selected brands encourage, and that is above all the quality and design of the items we enjoy in life.

The interior was published in the Nekretnine supplement to Jutarnji list on June 12th 2021

  • SERVICES Interior design
  • PROJECT SIZE 114m 2
  • PROJECT VALUE 120.000kn
  • PROJECT PERIOD 08/2020-05/2021
  • INVESTOR Koleks d.o.o.


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  10000 Zagreb
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