Public Incentive Housing

Public Incentive Housing

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“We chose a model that was closest to the self tasked condition: give all apartments all the light and air as possible. A model with inner skylights that largely infiltrate to the façade almost becoming courtyards enabled all apartments’ crosswise radiance and illumination.

Podbrežje A4 residential business building is located on a unique parcel on the north side of the housing area with its shorter axis right next to Vatikanska street. The building is settled in suburban surroundings in the zone that is quickly transforming itself from rural to residential business zone. Implementation plan defines this housing area to function as anonymous gadgets inside the planned measures.

A4 residential business building is, therefore, imagined to function as an independent introverted building primarily caring for itself. The building itself has a rectangular layout and a sectional view with open “free” ground floor. Ground floor stands on pillars with integrated glass business offices and verticals of housing floors.

The building is made of five units. Inner units are in the system with four apartments overlooking the staircase with a stair core next to the east façade. Border north unit with an open inner gallery is in the system with four apartments overlooking the staircase, and border south unit with open inner gallery is in the system of six apartments overlooking the staircase. The skylights come down all the way to the open ground floor. Ground floor of the entire building is designed in a business manner. Underneath the building, there are two underground garages with a number of parking spaces that entirely meet the needs of building and storage spaces for the tenants. Diversity of the apartment structure can be seen on the façade with its construction and color of the facade.


Public Incentive Housing (POS) in Podbrežje




    24.000 m2


    8.000.000 €




    Zagrebački holding


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
    + 385 1 455 11 44
    + 385 1 455 10 12