Urban area planning

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Urban area planning

Development Strategy and Urban Design Authority – a design proposal to provide public space to a new urban district in the second city of Vietnam.

The genus loci of Water in a City is, in this case, a natural and given criteria which is in terms of Ho Chi Minh not fully explored to date. The New Urban quarter of Thu Thiem creates the Right Bank of the existing river across which new bridges are to be constructed. These new connections of both the existing with the new quarters and set about a framing of the river as a “place” in the City.

The brief called for three distinct objectives: We therefore set out these objects both a précis of fusion with existing issues and to provide a truly spectacular environment which could sustain time and provide both Thu Thiem and Ho Chi Minh City with a working environment.

The Project is considered as four elements: The Bridge, The Crescent Parks, The Fusion Dunes and Plazas, The rắn (snake). The 4 main elements are as one concert of urban fabric and yet individually provide distinct character.

Thu Thiem will be unique in its micro environments of water and landscape. The Water is as we have described a natural phenomenon which a City has as a partner in creating a new enclave. The Landscape is equally as an eco-partner and we seek to maintain this charter by planning a set of “dunes” and plazas which inter lock and fuse into a rolling surface.


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