Urban Planning for a new housing community

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Project documentation for a new housing community in Borovje, Zagreb. The Planned construction area is 72.000 m2 with an estimated  600 housing units.

Area of development is triangular in shape with a longer side facing southwest-northeast. The Building orientations follow the existing parcels, pathways or the landscape element. Volumes of the building fits the position and define each  space. Along south Velikogorička Street are higher buildings (8 stories) due to the south view of the river and the mountain on the north side and are open toward the new landscape. Buildings alongside the “green line”, designed as family units are low and sunk in the landscape.

Construction typology A, B, C, D, E, and F results from the spatial concept, determined by its location in space, its size and shape, outer skin made of timber and concrete and glass, as well as the typology and size of units that match different users. Buildings A, B and C are apartment buildings, structures D are town-houses, type E is a housing-business building, type F are public buildings of commercial, educational or entertaining content. Necessary number of parking places takes up a significant portion of the area which are located under the new “hill” or park, with the public facilities located within the settlement.


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