Urban city planning

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Short-listed in international competition. The University master plan provided a investment vehicle to re-generate this part of Sarajevo and provide through both public and commercial facilities a re-engineering of land value and hence asset to allow the University to develop.

Sarajevo has only undergone real physical change as a result of “foreign” imposition on an incumbent nation ( Ottoman & Austro-Hungarian Empires) and more recently the 1984 Winter Olympics and finally warfare. In other words a sort of patch work of influences which were not necessary framed together with one another. Whatever is proposed here will not change the structure of this city but MAY influence how adjustments are considered.

Proto-Environment: A real-time sustainable environment is created that is non-the-less anticipatory of “something” new. This Proto-environment will act as a framework in the Urban matrix. The partnering of what we term history ( tradition) with that of new and yet versatile criteria (Future)is important .

The Proposal: It is important to identify that any “plan” that prevails must be structured to be affordable to a large incumbent population. Without this the plan will ultimately fail. The partnering of commerce with academic faculties and “public facilities” with commerce and residents access makes investment in the common amenity more dynamic and possible. The investment in the Central park as a key to setting up the relationship between these attributes is vital and must be viewed not just a “garden” but a principle player in the overall plan. This proposal is as we said, a vision that would be possible over a period of 8-10 years.


Sarajevo Masterplan

  • PROJECT SIZE460.000m2
  • INVESTORSarajevo municipality


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