Supervision of port construction

Investinženjering Ltd and Institute IGH concluded a contract for Technical Supervision of the Bulk Cargo Terminal Infrastructure Construction (Phase I) in the Port of Ploče, with a contract value of over 10 million kuna. The new terminal which will be built by construction company Vijadukt, should be completed in two years. The following construction works will be carried out:

1.Dredging of the access channel and seawater at basin to a depth of -19,855/-20,855 m, with the construction of marine protective structures and signalling;
2.Construction of the quay open type structure based on steel piles with a diameter up to 1500 mm. Length of the quay is 421,15 m. Quay is equipped with crane tracks, belt conveyers foundations, hydrant network, power supply installations for supply of cranes and other handling equipment, fenders and bollards;
3.Restructuring of storage areas (including completion of soil consolidation) with a total surface of approx. 170.000 m2;
4.Laying of the firefighting water supply installations, technological water supply installations and drainage pipeline system;
5.Power supply installations and lighting systems;
6.Low voltage installation: fire-alarm, telephony, operating and monitoring-routing lines (network);
7.Other works: administrative building, workshop, pumping station, road access, railway tracks, etc.
Investinženjering Ltd will perform a supervision of geotechnical works, in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract.


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