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The site for the future Zagreb Arena is located on Konopljenka in a typical suburban structure, north of Jadranska avenue, east of the New hospital and south of Sava river and Jarun lake. Estimated content on the site demands a swift arrival and departure of visitors with easy access.

As an entry viewer platform there is a “floating” urban panel with steps and escalators above the terrain at the height of + 5,65 m (+ 3,00 from the approaching roads). There is a designed green parking zone for automobiles and buses on the existing site. All front-end silnice at the entrance platform are balanced with dodecahedral (Fuller) dome that makes the body of the Zagreb Arena. The radius of the entered circle in the dodecahedron at the level of the entrance platform is 65,00m.

Arena is divided in five levels: level -6.65m, level +-0,00m, level +6,35m, level +10,25m and level +14,45m. Dislocation of the individual functions (small hall, technical block) came out of the possible independent functioning of the small hall and the security of the parallel construction. The concept of dodecahedra construction bottoming to the base panel secures the parallel application of the dodecahedra construction without depending on the forum construction which significantly shortens the just barely sufficient deadline for construction of the Arena. Forum construction is in ferro concrete, and dodecahedron is in steel with the standard profiles for this type of construction. Bearing face / dodecahedra mantle is supposed to be in teflon pneumatics made of double transparent or translucent EF foil.

On the entrance platform there is a roof of geodetic dome of the small hall. It has a radius of 28,00m. Up to the height of +3,50m the bearing face/mantle of the small hall is implemented by a transparent wire thermo glass. Above the level +3,50 the mantle is made in translucent pneumatics as well as the dome of the great hall. The flat portion of the site would be decorated in the English park manner.


Zagreb Arena




    45.500 m2


    50 mil.€




    Municipality of Zagreb


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
    + 385 1 455 11 44
    + 385 1 455 10 12