Our Approach

Project success and client satisfaction is what underlies GI’s business approach.

We are ISO 9001 certified. This means that we deliver constant performance and that our clients receive services that meet their requirements. It also means that we remain focused on our continuous improvement.

Our project management includes the functions of planning, monitoring and control. At GI, we pay special attention to the preparation, discussion and elaboration of a project plan. Our project plan, from the inception to the detailed plan of daily activities, is always structured in a clear and layered way. We ensure that all project development phases are defined, risks allocated and cash flows arranged in line with the client’s demands and constraints.

In complex, technically and commercially demanding projects various interest groups tend to emerge, often with mutually opposed positions and demands. In the process of project management, we create a system aimed at harmonising divergent positions of different stakeholders and identifying an acceptable implementation model that will successfully address the critical components determining each project: time, money and quality. We see this as a crucial task of project management.

ISO 9001 certificate


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