International Urban Design Competition

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International Urban Design Competition

International Urban Design Competition – runners -up – The proposals set down in this proposal are in the spirit of suggestion and vision; on the basis that any future planning must engage the local community with multi-disciplinary professionals and institutions.

“The general message in the proposal is one of Strategy and Vision; where the critical Strategic phase, is envisaged as being operational over the next 10 years – which is in fact a relatively short time period. Within the project, we have needed to make certain assumptions or critical evaluations, regarding issues which concern the regional and international influence of the transport system – which will within the same time period; bring forward new challenges and opportunities for Ferizaj. In mentioning these issues we have illustrated how this may affect the urban framework – by the proposal of “”Point Actions”” which are intended to serve as principal components in a strategy of Urban Stitching.

The key catalytic manoeuvre in the scheme is the result of significant adjustment to the existing rail corridor – these adjustments permit the creation of the “Central Park”, which is supported by associated specific Points of Action: The new Mobility Centre, Adjustments and new buildings at the Central Square, The new Market and Market Square. These developments may be understood as proposing a certain “flavour” and in addition – for their role as pioneer devices in an associated framework of infill and completion. The Vision is linked to this strategy both in terms of the actual and physical (the new Stadium complex for example) – to the more metaphorical image of the verdant promenade and leafy pathway, as particularly identified with the Central Park. The value for the future; in undertaking immediate “greening” operations cannot be underestimated. We propose planting of trees, ground cover, and grassed areas: The Central Park, Infill Squares and Avenues in the existing urban fabric, and as more extensive planting in future development areas.

These landscape manoeuvres are a vital means in the generation of a more cohesive and pleasant city. We should not be over-deterministic – that such an approach will solve all incumbent issues within the existing town, but would be clear that by establishing a Strategy and a Vision; the future of Ferizaj can be guided and modelled.”


Mobility Center in Ferizaj /Uroševac

  • SERVICES RENDEREDUrban planning
  • PROJECT SIZEMobility centre 5000 m2, Urban quarter 100 ha
  • INVESTORUN and Municipality of Ferizaj


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