Evaluation of war damages in city of Mostar

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The town of Mostar – economic and cultural center of Herzegovina , town of rich and dignified history, with 130.000 inhabitants become the place of war havoc 1992. At the beginning of 1994 the war hostilities were ceased and on July 1, the town of Mostar got the European Union Administration. One of the priority task was reconstruction of infrastructure and buildings.

On request of EUAM (European Union Administration Mostar) trough GTZ (German Agency for Technical Assistance) and Investinženjering with subcontractors, started the process of recording war damaged buildings. After defining of project task and training of teams in methodology of war damages recording the work at site stared. Survey was made for the central part of the town, approximately 9000 projects plus 164 projects and structural units protected as specially valuable historical and cultural monuments. The recording was made in three months by ten expert two member teams. Each team consisted of one architect or civil engineer and one student. Work of teams was supervised by four Engineers, Controllers. All damaged facilities were categorized into six damage categories. Categories 1-3 : not damaged bearing structure; and categories 4-6: damaged bearing structure. The gross area of recorded damaged projects amounts to about 1 204 000,00 m2. Based on data collected at site the estimation of construction damages was made. The system software enabled collecting data on total reconstruction materials needs, necessary quantity for each type of labor, construction equipment necessary for reconstruction of damaged facilities and the amount of construction damage. Data were presented according to:

  • Project function
  • Project location (project, street, zone)
  • Project type
  • Way of construction
  • Damage category

All the collected parameters created the base for EUAM reconstruction programming Mostar.


Evaluation of war damages in city of Mostar, BIH

  • SERVICES RENDEREDEngineering services
  • PROJECT SIZE9000 buildings
  • PROJECT VALUE225.000 €
  • PROJECT PERIOD1994 – 1995
  • INVESTOREUAM (European Union Administration Mostar) trough German Agency for Technical Assistance, (GTZ) Eschborn, Germany


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