Designing a residential zone

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Designing a residential zone

Houses are located in the sub-urban residential area of detached houses and due to their predetermined structure and size they are ‘big’ houses. The chosen concept of suspended ground floor and recessed attic makes the houses fit into the environment as the terrace houses and their dimensions are in ‘contextual correspondence with the environment’.

The basic concept solution was conditioned by the facility location, (orientation), required framework of apartments and endeavors to appreciate the natural and constructed environmental features. Project is designed as two buildings longitudinally oriented east – west, and apartments are oriented north – south. The chosen concept responds to location and climate conditions, outer areas of the apartment are strongly integrated into the apartment living area. All apartments have a quality view of Kvarner with lots of sunshine in winter and shade in summer.

Living rooms are integrated with dining area or kitchen and loggia or terrace. This approach enables possible separation of a part of living room and its transformation into additional bedroom with minimal decrease of apartment quality. Living area (extended dining area or kitchen) still keep their function getting enough light and air. The south house ground floor apartments have two and a half rooms with kitchen, entrance area and small bedroom on the north side, and possibly direct access to the south terrace. One and a half rooms apartments are in the attic. In the western part of the building there are two room apartments in the ground floor and in the attic. All apartments in the attic have the north entrances.

The north house have three and two and a half room apartments in the ground floor with north oriented bedrooms, entrance and access to the south terrace – loggia. All attic apartments are one-room apartments. In the western part of the building there are two room apartments both in the ground floor and in the attic. All attic apartments have north entrances.


Public Incentive Apartment Housing (POS) in Opatija

  • PROJECT SIZE1.900 m2
  • PROJECT VALUE1.500.000 €
  • INVESTORMunicipality of Opatija


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
    + 385 1 455 11 44
    + 385 1 455 10 12