Design and construction of a family house

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Design and construction of a family house

Design and construction of a family house in a traditional part of Zagreb, this house has been widely published in lifestyle and design magazines as well as featuring in a television documentary on the modern house. The house retains its original street façade but broadens out in the garden to the rear and uses day-light to the maximum.

A project which provides a contemporary response to a vernacular environment. Vrhovčev vijenac is a unique micro-urbanism of central greenery: the park, in Zagreb. On this basis, the existing street facade and scale is maintained as a characteristic of the location. A new construction was built in the place of an old one, and is now separated into two volumes. The Project was to keep the existing construction with a wall and roof slope on the street side which enabled shaping of the house overlooking the street in harmony with other houses in the same line. Shaping arises from constitution of these two masses of sloping roofs that round the outer space: garden terrace. They are mutually connected with a hallway of transparent glass roof. Volumes separate – connect two functional units: family portion of the house and the study with a gallery.

The Roof is of clay tile the colour of which isextended onto insulated façade. The interior therefore is opened up by lifting up the back facade, injecting new and larger openings to allow daylight to fill the interior and in essence describe the spaces. Long lasting material of ash wood cobalt stone were use on the floors. The interior is a dramatic change from the drab and grey ambient of what was before and may even now be found in other houses in the district.


The Orange House

  • PROJECT SIZE300 m2
  • INVESTORPrivate


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
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