Department store project

Department store project

Project included interior design of the ground floor and three upper floors and a design of façade portion of the Varteks department store in Rijeka.

The building was primarily in the function of Varteks department store that was originally designed in 1972. Since then, the building has been partially maintained and reconstructed, but the designed concept remained the same. The department store has four floors (ground floor + 4) in the center of the city, next to Korzo.

New redesign implemented changes of the existing staircase, extension of the sales area by taking out a portion of the storage and redesign of all linings (floors, ceilings, walls). Also, the lighting, heating and cooling systems were changed and new visual light communication and advertisement systems were implemented.

Besides clothing and accessories section, the sales area is organized into brand clothing section and cosmetics. There is a café on the ground floor, and the top floor will be designed to sell computers and related technology. From the construction view, the building was constructed as one body. The authentic reconstruction included three houses out of which only the portion of one house overlooking Kobler square remained the same. Other facades have been completely altered and reflect the 1970s architectural style.

Functionally, the structure is a department store spread out through all four floors, and the fifth floor has a service-operational function. All floors have glass windows. Every floor is opened into an atrium combined of floor galleries. Open staircase and escalators are placed in the middle. Staircase is shaped with additional open intermediate landings, space-exhibit elements are designed for gift wrapping. The customer is able to spot these areas whether by using a staircase or an escalator. These elements accent open sales areas and make the customer’s orientation easier.


Department Store Varteks in Rijeka




    3.100 m2


    2.800.000 €




    Varteks Ltd.


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