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The project for the New passenger Terminal and Airport City is an award winning proposal in an international competition. Tower 151 Architects together with their consultant team from Croatia, UK and Germany provided a fully sustainable design for the terminal of 72,000 m2 which could be extended from the 5 million PAX for 10 million PAX using similar modules. The Airport City, a 500,000 m2 development zone with a new light railway was set up to work in 4 phases with possibility of pause between phases.

The proposal  for the terminal responds to long-term goals for performance of the building technologies, sustains its environment with the physical resultant;  and is a unique object which stands as a citadel for a new Airport City; to provide terminal services for passengers which one can truly term visionary. Such a system centres on both the external appearance of the terminal and it’s interior.

“Very challenging and advanced architecture” competition jury report Air transport underpins the business and export of a country and therefore acts both as a portal/gate to that country and a place, the function of which must support flexibility and sustain growth of demand and its associated technologies. Our project sort to address these issues and deliver a vision, a functional transport hub and a sustainable environment.

The interior is based on shell-in-shell concept where the primary enclosure, a skin, provide one envelop for the functions arranged within. These are linked by the central Climate nozzle which gives the terminal its unique and perhaps visionary aspect. The Climate nozzle, a central void in the terminal is both garden and lantern to the main halls of the terminal at different levels. Serving as an element for arrivals (at the lower level) from the remote stands to create distraction from stress of baggage reclaim. On the top level (Departures) the nozzle is an integral part of the Retail zone ; a pivotal element for the passenger wishing to relax before take-off or find their way at ease to Passport control and onwards to the gate on the pier structure. By being both visual and functional (induces daylight into the central zones without direct sun light, with passive intake of fresh air) this device will contribute to the character of the terminal. The external appearance of the terminal is of one body, which streamlines the pier and terminal function in one.

The Terminal can be totally energy efficient – efficient being defined as follows: the proposal may generate over 16MW of peak power set against the required 10MW to run the Terminal services; the construction supports the energy calculation with a high thermal co-efficient glass and ceramic coated facade, and an optimised structure to maximise volume using large-span trusses. Both the facade and structure respond to climate through provision of maximum daylight (side glazing maximises day and reduces solar gain) a climate nozzle which penetrates the 3 main areas of the terminal bringing daylight to the central area, reduction of spans in the structure and a low stress point for passenger organisation. Grey water is collected at low level for recycling -, the sprinkler system and/or spray cooling over the facade during summer.


Zagreb Airport New Terminal




    72.000 m2 + 500.000 m2






    Zagreb Airport Authority


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
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