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Our Organization

Ownership Structure

GI is a privately owned group of companies that in a synchronized way pursues common goals in the broad range of complementary professional services in the construction industry. It comprises of:

  • Investinženjering d.o.o.
  • Tower 151 Architects – Zagreb d.o.o.
  • Studio A d.o.o.

Operating Structure

Our operational structure is flexible, dynamic and strictly service and project-based. This enables us to offer services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our organization also allows us to acknowledge and value individual contributions of our employees.


Our leaders commonly determine our direction as a business and set our priorities and policies.

  • Mirko Orešković
    President, GI Group

    Mirko Orešković is co-founder of Investinženjering and a widely recognized expert in the area of construction project management. His rich professional experience in construction consulting and management business is built into the very groundwork of GI Group. He was the first in Croatia to implement the idea of independent monitoring of construction projects and to introduce the construction project logbook as an established practice. His master’s degree was in the field of construction organization and his PhD in project management. He has more than 60 published scientific and technical works, has participated in fifty-plus professional symposiums, conferences and consultations. A board member of the Croatian Chamber of Construction Architects and Civil Engineers and the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers (HKIG); President of HKIG Professional Standards Commission; member of HKIG International Cooperation Commission; member of HKIG Commission for Cooperation with the Educational System; for many years acting as Croatian representative at the European Council of Civil Engineers; a member of the Croatian Association of Consultants; a member of the Croatian Association of Project Managers, a Croatian representative at the European Council of Engineers Chambers, which he co-chaired and chaired. In 2011 Mirko received Lifetime Achievement Award „Kolos“ from the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers.
  • Slobodan Jeričević
    President of the Management Board, Investinženjering d.o.o. 

    Slobodan Jeričević is co-founder of Investinženjering with rich professional experience acquired through work as supervising engineer, consultant or project manager on demanding and complex projects in public and private sectors. He has extensive experience in working with FIDIC contracts with AerRianta International in Moscow, and with GTZ in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has broad training for working with various types of contracts in FIDIC format. Since 1999 he has been practising a new version of FIDIC contracts as project manager and head of procurement for the EBRD-financed Jakuševac waste disposal project in Zagreb. He worked on the implementation of the Hypo Alpe Adria business centre in Zagreb, the procurement of works for CARDS-financed Bregana (CRO/SLO) and Bajakovo (CRO/SRB) border crossings. He was also in charge of procurement for the Sopnica-Jelkovac Housing Project, Sesvete and for EBRD-financed Water Supply and Drainage Project of the Zagreb Holding. Slobodan is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers.
  • Andrew Yeoman
    Director, Tower 151 Architects - Zagreb d.o.o.

    Andrew Yeoman heads strategic planning and development analysis. With over 25 years in the business he brings a wide range of experience to the GI Group as both a designer and project manager. Andrew has been responsible for the Project Management of the largest development in Croatia , HAAC and main designer in several large scale developments both in Croatia and Europe namely, the Orestaden programme in Copenhagen (won in an international competition) and the Adidas headquarters in Germany, and the ELT – the enclosure of the European Largest telescope. Andrew’s core capabilities are design leadership (concept and inception), detail design and execution design, urban planning, constraint planning, logistic and strategic frameworks, design management, project programming (incl. procurement planning, tendering, evaluation procedures, reporting), cost planning, contract preparation for FIDIC and project management.
  • Nenad Kondža
    Director, Studio A d.o.o.

    Nenad Kondža is an author and senior designer with rich experience in architectural design jobs. His activities also include town planning and heritage conservation projects. Awarded Commendation at the 23rd Zagreb Salon for raising public awareness of architectural heritage by his creative renewal of the city’s cultural heritage inventory; winner of the 2001 Bernardo Bernardi Award for accomplishments in the area of interior design, specifically for the renewal of the ground floor and a part of the basement of the Central Post Office in Zagreb. Nominated for Bernardo Bernardi Award for the reconstruction and extension of the Plinacro company building in Zagreb, as well as Mies van der Rohe and Piranezi awards for the reconstruction and extension of the State Archive building in Sisak. Nenad is a licensed architect, a member of the Croatian Chamber of Architects. He acted as a member of the Executive Board of the Society of Architects, the Presidency of the Association of Croatian Architects and the Executive Board of the Croatian Chamber of Architects, a president of the services pricelist committee of the Croatian Chamber of Architects, Vice President of the Association of Croatian Architects and President of the Professional Council of the Association of Croatian Architects.
  • Bogomir Hrnčić
    Director, Studio A, d.o.o.

    Bogomir Hrnčić is an author and main designer with longstanding experience in construction and versatile technical knowledge demonstrated in designing residential, combined commercial and residential buildings, tourist facilities, nautical centres and marinas, as well as industrial structures. On a series of referential projects he has been a main designer or project manager: reconstruction of the Central Post Office building in Zagreb, Utrine-Zagreb Catering Training Centre, reconstruction of the post office buildings in Šibenik, Zadar, Knin and Biograd on the Sea, the PBZ office building and a number of PBZ branches, Varteks Department Store in Rijeka. Bogomir is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Architects and the Zagreb City Society of Architects and a winner of several awards as author or co-author of architectural solutions for commercial, residential and school buildings, tourist zones and hotels.