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Base concept of the Homeland war memorial centre is to make a Homeland war theme park complex of a former military base. According to that, existing contents are extended, changed in shape and design, and reconstructed. All of elements are supposed to induce associations with visitors to the homeland war, Croatian soldiers and war theme and skills in general.

Existing building was built in the mid of 20th century as a simple „T“shaped building suitable to its former purpose. As its purpose, its design follows function with simple shaping without ornaments.

Staircase is glazed from ground floor to the second floor with three vertical stripes of continuous glass walls. Wings of the building on the north are forming small square that is opening toward the greenery and the rest of complex. Parterre surfaces are directed to the entrance of the Homeland war memorial centre.

Building design refers to the existing design and function concept, completing it with contemporary materials and elements. By upgrading floor, current ratio of the dimensions is being kept. The 3rd floor has functional and minimalist design – continued glazed facade in combination with solid panel. Dematerialisation of the 3rd floor by pulling in, gives open space for the evacuation and maintenance.

Environment will be arranged to make easier approach for people with disabilities by adding ramp near the main entrance. In front of the hostel the is a big eaves, connected both spatially and functionally to the building.


Vukovar homeland war memorial – Hostel

  • SERVICES RENDEREDPreliminary design
  • PROJECT SIZE4182 m²
  • INVESTORHomeland war Memorial public institution – Vukovar, Ive Tijardovića bb, Vukovar


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  10000 Zagreb
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