Urban planning study

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Urban planning study

Appointed by the Municipality of Malmo to undertake a study to re-develop this previous ship-yard and harbour facility. The study was in collaboration with consultants from Sweden and address both the Urban development and traffic forecast for the next 15 years.

The proposed development in responds to multiple criteria (as defined in section 2); It is principally concerned with a “holistic angle” ,”Urban strategy” and the “Big challenge” , phases adopted by the Municipality in their initial synopsis of the brief. The study also seeks to present an identity and ultimately a vision for both and Malmo. Expanding the above we determined that the issue of Metropolitan structure would be the focus of any successful new proposal designed to meet both the demand of incumbent Urban conditions and those that may be imported in support of an international development. This coalition of the Local and Global conditions is vital in the formation of a strategic framework which supports a sustainable and versatile environment. It is this framework which is the core to the proposal , linking issues of infrastructure with landscape and environmental concerns with land values.

Appropriate integration of landscape for urban environment and riverside development The landscape is carefully integrated into the design of the whole of the Malmo site and the general site wide masterplan and comprises the following key strategies/element:

  • Central Park that comprises the following:
  • Enhancement of eco-prk as called for in the Masterplan brief
  • Optimisation of people space including a village hockey pitch, village green, village pond and all weather tennis courts
  • Common areas for people and wild life to coexist.
  • Provision of a garden space for all occupants either as a central community garden or with private garden terraces for ground floor flats
  • Landscape community link through the development to all buildings
  • Water collection from all hard surfaces via bio swales to feed village pond and wetland areas.


Vastra Hamnen Masterplan

  • PROJECT SIZE539.000 m2
  • INVESTORMunicipality of Malmo


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