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Strategic plan for the Orestaden area. Won originally in an international competition from 120 entries, we were appointed to develop our proposal with 3 other teams from Denmark and Finland. The objectives were to provide a development program for the foreseeable 25 years to incorporate the new Metro in Copenhagen and the interface with the new Oresund crossing to Sweden.

Won in competition, we developed the master plan for this large district in  Copenhagen as a series of strategic layers spanning a thirty year period. Principle to this was the corresponding evaluation of the landscape and built environment to allow for flexibility in changing economic climates envisaged for 30 years. With a total programme of 3.5 million m2 of built objects this forges a substantial addition to this capital city and lies as a response to the Oresund Crossing has been constructed. Environmental concerns and the integration of what is a place of natural ecology with an urban framework was a primary consideration for the future of Amager. This focused on the wetlands and the associated areas which constitute Amager common as a whole. In our initial proposal the strategy presented relied on the partnership of these concerns which are described in layers. It was and still is our opinion that the existing wetlands would require special protection by the planting of trees and a programme in which they are both accommodated and function as a natural landscape. Further to this we understand the principles of green corridors which we acknowledge through a series of landscape and pastoral areas which, as we described in all presentation as organs in the body of Amager. The device of objects and strategy of landscape are fundamental tothe proposal. Environmental issues have moved onto more progressive and dynamic agendas to provide necessary appraisal of what we consider to be green, landscape and real.


Orestaden Masterplan

  • PROJECT SIZE350 ha
  • INVESTORMunicipality of Kopenhagen


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