Urban planning for a university complex

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Urban planning for a university complex

Development of a master plan for a university complex in Copenhagen. Shortlisted to prepare a second stage second proposal for the client through international competition.

The first stage of the KUA2000 programme centered on the University extension and its associated facilities on Amager. The proposal then provided a strategic plan which was flexible and allowed for change, the addition of a large are of housing and offices, in stage two, has tested this aspect, and the accommodation of the expanded brief within the original framework validates the principle characteristics decided in stage One. These being; the role of topography and water in the area, a coherent transport and infrastructure matrix ( in particular the new Avenue) and a continuum between the landscape of Amager and new buildings. We have continued to stress the metropolitan structure in the plan as a priori in providing Orestad with a sophisticated development option and have sought to further city evolution and the role of a rural /Urban matrix. In stage One we identified a series of ”original signs” ( Scandia Tower, Copenhagen City Pattern and History in Landscape Amager common) and in stage two these are “unearthed” and continue to shape the environment. The phenomenon of the University ( i.e. Universitas) and the Metropolis are brought together with Amager in a tri-parthied relationship, where the local and the global ethos are explored as fusion, in which the character of each is nonetheless present and discernible.

Throughout the process of evolution design of a new University must address principle technical issues which will be fundamental in supporting a sustainable and creative environment. Initially we would begin this process by establishing both specific guidelines and project objectives with the client. These may be viewed as:
– Specific design objectives
– Maximise human comfort
– Efficient planning
– Design for change
– Minimise running cost and energy consumption
– Maximise usable space
– Minimise capital cost
– Minimise maintenance
– Protect and enhance ecological values”


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