Supervision over pier container terminal

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GI supervises the works on the Zagreb Pier Container Terminal (ZPCT) in the Port of Rijeka. The Construction contract is Design and Built type,  FIDIC yellow book model.

 The completion of the works is planned for December 2018, and the works currently are at an advanced stage of progress. ZPCT is an imposing construction that captures the attention of the professional and general public. The execution of ZCT is regularly visited not only by the students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering but also by the eminent experts of the various construction disciplines for the purpose of their education.

The reason for this is the complexity of the works as follows:

4200 pcs of the stone columns (total length over 65 km)

over 1.500.000 m3 of the various embankments types by the various sizes of the rock materials

49 pcs of the RC Caissons plan dimensions of 14m*20m and height of even more than 23m ,

411 jet grouting columns (1.4m and 1.7m diameter, deep more than 55m which are carried out below the previously installed caissons after consolidation of the foundation soil, which makes the execution extremely demanding)

reinforced concrete constructions in quantities over 100,000 m3,

various other works.

The current completeness of works is estimated at 70%, the works are in full progress, and the photos illustrate the impressibility and complexity of the works. Therefore it is clear why the GI is especially proud to contribute with its knowledge and dedication to the realization of such a big and important construction project


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