Strategic and urban planning

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Strategic and urban planning programme to re-generate a large industrial area of Thornton, in the North – East England. The existing owner ICI jointly with the client NPL Estates worked with the local Authority to reinvest as part of the UK governments brown-field development policy.

Strategic and urban planning programme to re-generate a large industrial area of Thornton in association with TPS Consult(UK) T151’s programme of Urban regeneration centres on the use of 600 hectare Brown field sites to promote a new focus to an existing townscape. Thornton ,Cleveley , the Wyre borough of Lancashire, has been an industrial zone of chemical production(ICI).

The programme is to incorporate the existing power (CHP) and provide a strategic development over the next 10-15 years. With the development of Blackpool to the South, there will be science parks ,business start-up units as well as a new centre for local government and commercial activities. Strategic planning in combination with development innovation and vision


Strategic and urban planning Thornton Development

  • SERVICES RENDEREDUrban planning
  • PROJECT SIZE300 ha
  • PROJECT VALUE1,4 billion €


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