Reconstruction of office building

Reconstruction of office building

Reconstruction of PLINACRO office building based on Studio A project solution awarded the first prize at the invitation for tenders.

The project was built at the beginning of twentieth century in a factory yard. It has undergone several reconstructions and changes before this reconstruction and it was necessary to give the new identity to the building in line with the identity of the company. For that aim the outer movable shades were assembled.

The location of building between street buildings of Savska street and the railroad, its orientation east-west and lots of sunshine at the east and west facades made the shades the logical solution. Shades form visually recognizable facade which becomes a mark of the building – company identity. Shades are made in five different colors extracted from the company logo. They are placed in two space levels consolidating the facade as well as giving it a new dimension and dynamics.

In the completely renovated building special attention was paid to staircases, the new ones in the south and north annexes as well as to the existing main staircase which was transformed by introducing the panoramic elevators while the central sanitary units were placed at the other location.

The glazed elevator cabins are in the glazed elevator walls. The entrance to the building and the staircase as the main functional communication ankle become the highly representative areas.

„Corporate identity has been attained – however, in an individual and contextual form, and not in a generic or autistic manner. Precisely in the territory of the strictest limits (the protected front of the building) consequently searching, the architect has found his own area of expressional freedom.” Lovorka Prpić, ČIP No 07-08/2007


Plinacro Headquarters




    7.000 m2


    10.000.000 €


    2002 – 2006


    Plinacro Ltd.


  Tuškanova 41
  10000 Zagreb
    + 385 1 455 11 44
    + 385 1 455 10 12