First place in second stage of Moscow competition

Tower 151 Architects – GI has been successful in probably the worlds largest Urban programme in the past 60 years. The programme essentials call for an expansion of Moscow’s city boundaries and its administrative management.

The second stage of the Moscow City Agglomeration competition took place on 22 June, in which nine competitors presented the first editions of their concepts for the existing, and the new south-western sector of the agglomeration. The winning international consortium was led by Russian urbanist Andrey Chernikhov (grandson of the famous constructivist Iakov Chernikhov ) and included architecture studios Tower 151 Architects – GI (Croatia) McAdam Architects (UK), Georgi Stanishev (Bulgaria)and Ginsburg Architects(Russia), who were awarded the highest score by a panel of international experts with OMA (Rem Koolhaas) placed second.

The proposal suggests that instead of looking at new development in the southwestern sector only, that the existing redundant sites which occupy approximately 15% central Moscow district be part of the planned city expansion and development as well. These areas, occupied by railways, and disused industrial sites from the Soviet era are prime areas for regeneration and expansion. The proposal also re-thinks the current transport networks to ease the pressure on existing systems, addressing the current issues Moscow faces with congestion due to the dense population of the city. The proposal sets up a series of economic models to assist the authorities in creating a budget and development strategy for the next 30-40 years.


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