FIDIC Engineer Supervision

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FIDIC Engineer Supervision

GI provided technical and financial supervision, FIDIC Engineer and Coordinator for occupational safety and health over Vodice bypass construction works according to the FIDIC Red Book.

FIDIC Engineer Supervision for Vodice bypass ring. The goal of Vodice bypass project was traffic reduction in Vodice city, especially during the summer season, thereby achieving shortening travel time, increasing traffic safety and relocating transit traffic from the centre of Vodice.

The bypass ring starts from the direction of Zadar, next to the industrial zone of Vodice, and ends in Srimska Lokva. The total length of the ring road is 5.1 kilometres including three crossroads, four overpasses, three pipe galleries, 28 parallel roads, internal and external drainage,  580 m long noise protection wall, traffic equipment and signalization, landscaping and relocation and protection of the water supply piping system and power lines. Permissible vehicle speed is 80 km/h.


FIDIC Engineer Supervision

  • SERVICES RENDEREDSupervision and FIDIC Engineer
  • PROJECT SIZEBypass road 5.1 km, 4 overpasses, 3 intersections,3 pipe galleries
  • PROJECT PERIOD2016 – 2017
  • INVESTORHrvatske



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