Expert supervision of construction


GI in association with Copel d.o.o. and Trafficon d.o.o. signed a contract with IKEA Hrvatska d.o.o. and Inter IKEA Centre Hrvatska d.o.o. for expert supervision for the construction of “Southern road” infrastructural structure for the needs of the main building of the IKEA store and the Inter IKEA shopping centre in the frame of “IKEA Zagreb East” project.

The “Southern road” – municipal infrastructure transport ring structure, phase I – OS 5 from 0+000.00 to 0+328.65 and OS 1 from 0+000.00 to 0+246.18 and phase II OS 1 from 0+246.18 to 0+840.74; with runoff drainage, public lightning, distribution telecommunications lines (DTK), and a sound barrier pursuant to the Urban Development Plan for “IKEA Zagreb East”.


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  10000 Zagreb
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