Article about container terminal construction

Article about container terminal construction


GI Group provides both FIDIC and professional supervision at the construction of a container terminal „Zagrebačka obala“  (eng. Zagreb pier) in the port of Rijeka.


“Zagrebačka obala“  is Croatian government strategic project worth 300 million euros, which is provoking the attention and interest of both experts and  the general public. Furthermore, the media is continuously informing the publicity about its progress.

The project includes the construction of a quay in three phases. Presently, the construction works of 400m long quay are in progress. Underwater piloting works and building in total of 4201 gravel pilots were completed in June, 2015.

A 4000 ton reinforced concrete caissons are currently being manufactured on a construction site (their function is to form a quay platform). Caissons are founded in underwater stone embankment.

16 out of a total of 49 caissons have been produced so far and are temporary situated in the sea in front of construction site. Stone installation for the construction of the underwater embankment, as well as reduction of embankment settlement, are the main preconditions for the caisson installation on the final location.

The first caisson was installed in its final location in November 2015. and that crucial and high risk moment provoked once more a great deal of media attention.


Investor: Port Authority of Rijeka

Financing: World Bank credit (70.6 million euros)


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