Architectural design and project documentation

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Architectural design and project documentation for Croatian veteran centre was intended and designed as residential – rehabilitation centre in which Croatian veterans, soldiers returned from peacekeeping missions, injured deminers, civilian war victims and other individuals in need of this kind of care, will be stationed permanently or temporarily.

Complete community involvement will be provided for users of the Centre, as well as group counseling, workshops and training courses, workshops for occupational activities, psychosocial support, physical rehabilitation, educational and work therapy, physical training and sports and recreation in the indoor and outdoor.

To meet all of planed demands, building should contain accommodation, sport, therapeutic, and restaurant facilities.

Basic concept of Centre for Croatian veterans was to expand accommodation and therapy capacity so all necessary facilities could be achieved, but also to enable using both interior and exterior of the complex. Always present verdure of the half-atrium garden and green roof terrace of the annex raises stay quality of the Centre and its therapeutic effect.

In designing exterior and interior of the building, some new elements were introduced, also higher quality materials and structures with which Centre fits in garden-wellness theme of the Lipik city centre, where it is located. As part of renovation, the energy efficiency of existing building envelopes was also improved and high energy category was accomplished for entire complex.


Architectural design and project documentation


    2744 m²


    2014 – 2017


    Ministry of Croatian War Veterans, Nevenka Topalušić Square 1


  Grge Tuškana 41
  10000 Zagreb
    + 385 1 455 11 44
    + 385 1 455 10 12