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Denivelation crossing the state road

The goal of this project was to increase the safety of all road users and traffic flow displacement state road D8 and county road ŽC6039, construction intersection markings: A (a four), B (three-spoke), C (roundtrip), D (three-spoke), F (three-spoke ) along the state road D8 and the construction of the overpass total length of 37.60 with wings and a staircase.

Along the road carried out the work on the monolithic concrete chutes, footpath, parallel roads, making pipe culverts, road sewage, drainage and preparation of backfill green space and drainage ditches. It also perform the equipment overpasses, setting up traffic equipment and signage and utility relocation (water supply pipeline – the main water supply pipeline, cable routes MV and LV installations, telecommunication installations).

The role of GI group has been providing tehnical and financial supervision over the denivelation crossing the state road D8 and the county road 6039 in the settlement Bibinje, as well as the Coordinator for occupational safety and health during construction work.


Denivelation crossing the state road D8 and the county road 6039 in Bibinje

  • PROJECT SIZE The total length of roads 1631.02 m1 and 37,60 m overpass
  • PROJECT VALUE 9.824.853,61 kn
  • PROJECT PERIOD 2014 – 2016


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