Construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant

Construction of the wastewater treatment plant

GI provides FIDIC Engineer and supervision services on the implementation of geotechnical- , civil- and craftworks under FIDIC contract (Yellow Book (*)).

The subject of the contract is construction of a wastewater treatment plant with II. degree of purification and the capacity of 20,000 PE. The project is co-financed with EU funds. Until today contractor has obtained the building permit and started with geotechnical, excavation and construction works.

Location of the WWTP is foreseen on an elevated plateau north of the road route Vodice – Tribunj.

The position of the plant was selected by taking into account the ideal route of the submarine outlet. Furthermore, this position also has the optimal disposition of channelling network’s from two main directions (east direction Vodice-Srima and western Tribunj). The chosen location of WWTP was also defined by the relevant local government town planning document. The WWTP is located at an altitude of approximately 31 m.

Client: Vodovod i odvodnja Šibenik Ltd.

Duration: 2016 – 2018

The value of works:  45.517.958,30 kn


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