Project Compliance Monitoring

Project Compliance Monitoring

Through our fully independent project monitoring service we review the project development with aim to safeguard the commercial objectives of lending institutions involved in financing property developments.

We act as independent certifier. We check compliance and quality, and confirm project completion in accordance with the project requirements.

We offer operational monitoring service on PPP/PFI projects. As work progresses we monitor the quality of the construction services and the suitability of the management systems to deliver and ensure compliance with the project requirements. We identify issues of concern and potential financial and operational risks throughout the project''s operational phase.

Following project completion, we provide regular operational audits with a comprehensive review, which include services focussing on the general state of the structure and operation of the PFI building/asset.

We also provide operational monitoring services on an ad-hoc basis, such as technical advisory on life cycle forecasts, impact of additional construction to the PPP/PFI project or refinance-related queries.